Sunday, November 13, 2016

Organization Working On Climate Change - We Need Your Support!

Now that the election is over and our environmental movement took a huge blow with the results, I’ve received numerous messages from friends that want to know what organizations would be good to support, and especially those working on climate change. My list is below:

First and foremost, a shameless plug for Nature Abounds, the organization I co-founded and am President. Nature Abounds is an emerging national 501c3, found in 2008, with currently over 8,000 supporters across all 50 states. Our main goal is to engage folks in environmental issues whether it be through volunteer opportunities (action and outreach) and stewardship. Climate change is a major priority for us as it touched upon pretty much all aspects of our lives…air, water, habitat, health, etc… Climate change has been woven into all of our opportunities as well as programs and will continue to be. Not only do we engage folks in wildlife, water quality, and weather monitoring, but we engage them in educating the public, their friends and family, as well as our leaders about climate change and things they can do to help.

Finally, we just acquired another nonprofit program related to biodiversity, and adapting to the effects of climate change will play a major part of how we develop the program as we take it from a relatively locally-focused program to a national scale. Climate is such a big issue for Nature Abounds that we have a second website dedicated just to climate change -

In addition to engaging volunteers and others in climate change action, I also work on the regulations regarding climate change and its effects. For example, we worked with other organizations on methane regulations as well as carbon dioxide regulations. We understand that we must work with other organizations to have a larger voice for the issues we care about.  Likewise, we believe that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, can contribute to making the world a better place. Finally, with a small staff of only four, we keep our overhead expenses low, while harnessing the passion of our supporters. To expand what we’re doing to make an even bigger impact, your support would be greatly appreciated.

Nature Abounds’ websites:
Nature Abounds’ Facebook pages:

Other organizations doing significant work on climate change –

Environmental Defense Fund –
Union of Concerned Scientists –
The Conservation Fund –
Earthjustice –
Natural Resource Defense Council –
National Wildlife Federation –
Freshwater Future (Great Lakes focus)
National Audubon Society –
Seaturtle Conservancy –
Save the Frogs –
Leonardo DiCarprio Foundation –
Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy
Zero Waste for Zero Loss – a brand new nonprofit that will also be working on climate change. They currently do not have a webpage or Facebook page, but when they do, I’ll add their information to the list.

Looking beyond nonprofits, please also support nonprofit news outlets that cover the realities of climate change as well as institutions that are teaching our future generations about environmental issues like climate change as well as how to combat them. One major player in environmental education is the Vermont Law School. Their website can be found at and the school can be followed on Facebook at .

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  1. Great post, Melinda! Besides taking care of the birds and other animals, I also find time to give our earth a helping hand, too. The press and the internet are wonderful things for our ongoing work.